Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the check out/ check in time?
  • Check-in;4:00 p.m.~
    Check-out;11:00 a.m.
    The reservation will be treated as no-show if a customer doesn't show up by 11AM.
    Please let us know if you want to cancel your reservation.
    ※An additional fee will be charged if you check out after 11 AM.
  • Is there a shower booth?
  • Yes, There're some shower booth each floor.
  • What kind of amenity goods do you have?
  • You can parchase Bath towel, Face towel, Locker(L/S),Toothbrush, Razor, Bottle of water(500ml) and green tea(280ml) at the front desk.(some for rent)
  • Do we get sets of toiletries exchanged to new ones everyday during our consecutive stay?
  • No, we provide only the sets of toiletries for the first night of your stay with out any charge. For extra, you can purchase them from the front desk.
  • Is there any smoking area?
  • We are sorry but there is no smoking area or rooms at this facility.
    In addition, you may get fined once you were caught smoking anywhere in the facility.
  • Is there women only floor?
  • Yes. Please be noted that male customers cannot use the femail only facility at any time.
  • Is there any home appliances?
  • No, we don't have any house appliances.
  • Can I stay in the same room if I extend my stay?
  • We will try to get the same room for your convenience. However, due to booking situation, we might not be able to do so.
  • Is there any cleaning service if I extend my stay?
  • No, there isn't. However, for sanitary reasons, we provide new bed linens every 3 days. Customers are asked to change their sheets on their own.
  • Do I need to leave the room in the daytime during my consecutive stay?
  • No. You don't have to leave your room.
    *The cleaning will start from 11 and you might experience some noise during that time.
  • Can we use the internet(Wi-fi) in the room?
  • Yes, you can. You can obtain a TRIP PHONE with a tethering function at the reception. You can use the wi-fi outside with the device.
  • Do you close the gate after certain time?
  • No, The entrance opens for 24 hours.
  • Can I eat food on the bed?
  • For sanitary reason, you are not allowed to eat on your bed. Please use the lounge for eating or drinking.
  • What time does the free lounge area close?
  • 24 hours open. Our lounge is close to each room, so please keep your voice low. Free snacks service is only available euntill midnight.
  • Are we able to store a large size luggage like a carrier case/suit case?
  • Yes. You can store your large luggage in the space under the bed.
    Please keep your valuables in a free safe in the pod(facility) or in a coin oparated locker(100yen).
  • Can I extend my stay on the day before check out?
  • If We have a vacancy room, Yes. Please check on the internet wether there ia a vacancy or not or contact to our front desk.
  • Can I ask for the room type?
  • No, we don't take any requests for room types.We will try to meet your needs as much as possible.
    Please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on the booking status.
  • Can my baby stay for free?
  • No.
  • We are younger than 16. Can we stay by ourselves?
  • Teenagers under 16 are not allowed to use our facilities without supervision.
    Teenagers over 16 must need the approval of your parents/custodians to stay.
    The form needs to be completed by your parents/ the custodians and shown at the time of check-in.
    Without the submission of this letter, you may be refused service.
    Consent Form
  • I have made a reservation with the payment option "Pay In Person". Can I change it to "Pay In Advance"?
  • No, you can't change your payment method once you've made your reservation. If you wish to change it, please cancel your current reservation first and make a new one with the "advance payment" option.
  • Can I pay in cash?
  • Yes. if your payment option is "pay in person", you may pay with credit card or in cash.
  • When booking, I have already entered my credit card number, But I was told that my payment wasn't completed.
  • If you chose "on-site payment" as your payment option, your credit card will not be charged.
    The number you entered will only be used as a security deposit.
    We can also accept a credit card which is different from the one previously registered when you pay on site.
  • If I select "pay with credit card", when is the billing date?
  • The billing date varies by credit card companies. Please ask them for details.
  • I cancelled my reservation before the day I was supposed to get charged, but I haven't received my money back.
  • Refund can take around from 2 to 7 days to be processed. Refunds will be processed based on your billing date. Please ask your crerdit card company for details.
  • My credit card payment didn't go through.
  • Please ask your credit card companies for the reason.
  • Is there any baggage service after check out?
  • No, We don't accept keeping luggage after check out. You may leave the luggage before check in.
    Please use the coin locker to keep your luggage.
  • Is there any parking lot?
  • No, We don't have a parking lot. Please use the pay parking lot near by.
  • Can you call a taxi for me?
  • We are sorry but we do not call taxis for guests. (The front road is one way and too narrow which makes it impossible for taxis to approach the facility.)
    Front staff will provide you with information about the nearest taxi stop or the mail road where you can pick up taxi easy.
  • Can I send/receive any packages/mails with the room address?
  • No, we don't accept any courier service. Please use the nearest convenience store or post office.
    Please be noted that we don't take any responsibilities for any damage or missing.
  • Can I get the receipt?
  • Pay in person: Yes we can.Please ask one of our staff for the receipt.
    Pay in advance: You may get the receipt from the booking website.
  • I have left my belonging. Is there any lost and found?
  • Yes. We keep lost and found items which were found on the beds for 1 month from the day of checkout. We can also mail them to you with the option of postage paying of your end.
    *We may dispose the items earlier than 1 month if they were found in/around the garbage bin, or perishable.